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We, Women in Information and Cyber Security, created an open network platform which aims to bring together and foster connections among the under-represented women in the various cyber security fields, to encourage them to expand their potential and grow in their career, build curiosity and passion about a career in the field! No wonder, that in Georgia there is not only a massive skills gap in cyber security but a gender gap as well. We think that sharing knowledge, experience and passion through mentorship can be a powerful platform for increasing the number of women in cybersecurity and solving this problem.


We want to support, inspire and share the same cyber security interests and ambitions, and help together to handle the same career hurdles and opportunities! In WICS we build strong support system, eager to share our knowledge and experience from different industries, and will be hoppy if you could share your story, skills and expertise with us. Become our member and let’s change the  cyber security landscape from today!  


Aliona Siniova, Founder

When I was starting my carreer in IT in 2011, usually I was the only girl in a room, in 2015 I was the first woman to work in Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Georgia. Today it is 2020th and there are still a few women in Information and Cyber Security in Georgia. 


I am willing to bet that there are a lot of women passionate about information security, privacy and cyber. So why do not change this digital cyber world together?


Be fearless, stay motivated, and I am telling you that everything you need to succeed is  just your motivation, computer and internet! 

Why Cyber

Why women should choose Information or Cyber Security?

You do not need to be a technology expert to work in Cybersecurity.


Actually, it goes beyond it. There are so many different vectors in information and cyber security.  In addition to technology-focused roles, alternative career paths include: DevOps, network security, security operations, forensic, Information Security, IT Risk Management and Privacy industries, penetration testing, auditing, GRC, legal & regulatory compliance. You do not definitely need a deep technical knowledge to begin, at least begin with studying networking, international security and data protection standards or auditing.

There is no time to get bored!


Every day you will face day-to-day security incidents or do audits to a different process, you will have to learn and adapt quickly as threats are changing every day! Do you want to make smart decisions and solve puzzles, face new risks and challenger every day? Then be confident and this work will give you a lot of excitement!


Use  your potential to shape Digital Cyber Future

It's great to know you can find cybercriminals,  protect peoples' livelihoods and privacy, help organizations to secure their assets.


Become an expert in one of the fastest-growing fields in technology across the world.


As you may know by 2022 there could be a global deficit of 1.8 million cyber security professionals so you take a chance and begin your carrier in information or cyber security right now!


Our advice will be not to choose cybersecurity as a profession because it is trendy and you want to be unique. This is a flexible field, with good opportunities for carrier growth development, well paid. But if you chose it, don't be afraid and take chances! We will be here for you to help during this exciting journey.


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If you want to support us or become a sponsor, we'd love to hear from you

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